Harrogate is a town famous for its Spas, Flowers, International Conferences, Acres of Greenland (The Stray), and of course Betty’s.  Obviously Harrogate can be seen as a very rich town, with a great divide between both those who have, and those who don’t.  However, one thing it is not famed for is its Diversity.  Yet we have so many diverse cultures and minorities, here in Harrogate and District.


So in 2017 we want to celebrate this.  Something new for Harrogate!  In May we are holding a festival that includes ‘conversations’, Parade and Party!!  It’s exciting and the first of its kind.  It will not just include those from the LGBTQIS community, but those from other abilities, genders, ethnicity, ages, and socio-economic background.  It is about you in your location, and being here in Harrogate.


It begins 14th May, with a Pre-Pride Party, with a week of activities in Arts, Literature and Faith.  Culminating on Saturday 20th May with a Parade through Harrogate, followed by a Party in the Valley Gardens.